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wedding envelope calligraphy

Planning a wedding, party or other event will certainly have you busy. And we're here to help! Allow us to address your envelopes for you so you can cross this task off your list and concentrate on the other details. Use our envelope calligraphy service and select from a variety of lovely lettering styles and ink colors. Your envelopes will look more polished and you will save yourself loads of time.


wedding envelope calligraphy



Envelope calligraphy adds 5 additional business days to the production time of your order.


Envelope Addressing
Inner Envelope Only
$1.25 per envelope (black or color ink same price)
Outer Envelope Only
$1.40 per envelope (black or color ink same price)
Inner and Outer Envelopes
$2.60 per set (black or color ink same price)

Return Address on Envelope flap








Add’l 25

Black Ink








Color Ink









1. Prepare your guest list on our Excel template. See the section below Proper Etiquette for Addressing Your Envelopes, this guide will help you prepare your list.

2. Pick a typestyle for the envelopes from the list at

3. Place your invitation or greeting card order at our website Save your confirmation number! (You do not have to place an invitation or greeting card order to order our calligraphy service, we can also use your envelopes. To get started submit a quote request by clicking here).

4. Immediately after placing your invitation or greeting card order, email us at with the confirmation number and your completed Excel spreadsheet. Include the following information in your email:

* Invitation/greeting card order number

* Typestyle and ink color for the addressing

* Number of addresses entered and service you are ordering (e.g. outer envelope addressing, inner envelope addressing and/or return address on envelope flap

5. After reviewing your calligraphy order, we will email you an invoice. Complete the payment form with your credit card information.

6. Sit back and relax while we work on your order!


Outer Envelopes:

The outer invitation envelope is slightly larger than the inner envelope and the flap is gummed on the inside for easy sealing.

Use full names and formal titles. Do not abbreviate. Ex.: Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson

Do not use symbols. Spell out the word "and".

Do not use initials. Spell out all names.

Do not write "and family" if children are to be included in the invitation. The names of the children should be placed on the inner envelope, only the names of the parents should be placed on the outer envelope. See Inner Envelopes section below.

Use figures only when writing house numbers and zip codes. Ex.: 1747 Second Avenue South

Write out the words "Street", "Boulevard", "Avenue", etc.

Do not abbreviate state names. For example, write out “California” instead of “CA”.

Sample addressing for an outer envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson
18 Milan Way
Denver, Colorado 80202

Inner Envelopes:

Inner envelopes have ungummed flaps because they are not meant to be sealed. Address the inner envelope with names only, do not include the address on the inner envelope.

Use full names and formal titles. Do not abbreviate. Ex.: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

First names should only be used by themselves when children are being invited along with their parents. Write the first names of children to be invited below the parents' in order of age. Ex.:

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
Lisa, Adam and Julia

Omit children's names if you are planning an adult-only celebration.

If an invitation to a single guest extends to an unknown escort, address the inner envelope with your guest's name followed by "and Guest". Ex.: Miss Andrews and Guest

Single Outer Envelopes:

If you have selected an invitation that does not include an inner envelope or choose not to use your inner envelope, you may follow traditional addressing rules for outer envelopes or create a new way that works best for you.

Write “and guest” as it would have appeared on an inner envelope.

For a traditional single outer envelope address, include the names of the children to be invited below the parents’ names as on a standard inner envelope.

Sample addressing for a single outer envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Johnson
Lisa, Adam and Julia
18 Milan Way
Denver, Colorado 80202


Mail all invitations at the same time, five to eight weeks before the event, using first class postage. If you are enclosing response cards in your invitations, remember to include stamps on the return envelopes.

Assembled invitations often require additional postage. To avoid postage delays and returned invitations, take a completely assembled invitation to your post office to determine proper postage.

Be sure to include a return address on each outer envelope. Invitations returned by the post office will allow you to invite those individuals personally.